Asset Management Business

High frequency trading system based on AI
Real-time feature extraction and data training
Market prediction using supervised machine learning classifiers
Hedge the portfolio against market volatility
Seeking portfolio optimization and better investment performance
Strategy focus: pure alpha and AI quantitative trading
Asset management size: US$ 20 million
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Market Maker and Liqudity Provider

7X24 liquidity provider: Provide liquidity within 0.1% bid-ask spread and get better ranking in CMC
Risk Hedging: Hedged position to reduce risk in high market volatility
API Refinement: Find API design flaws of crypto exchange clients and seek better API trading performance
Multi-platform Matching: Our distributed matching algorithm can help exchanges reduce costs and increase profits
Trade professionally: Dual liquidity can attract more investors and reduce trading costs
Co-location: Our IT equipments and resources are deployed together with our clients to get lowest latency.

Newbloc is top-level market maker of Huobi, Binance and Kucoin. We provide about 1 billion USD liquidity per day.

Consulting Service

Our encryption asset operation consulting business covers three areas of
project management: marketing, community maintenance and token management.
According to the principle of market operation, we scientifically manage
the three elements: information, capital and tokens; establish a benign
interaction among the project side, primary market and secondary market;
control the project publicity and operation rhythm, and achieve the purpose
of creating value, realizing value and operating value, maximize the benefits
of all participants in the project.

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Products and Risk Management

Investment philosophy: Professional, Technical, Valuable, Growing
Risk Management:
Before: Assets custody; API protection; Backtesting and live trading test
In service: 7X24 service; Authorization management; Exception handling; Stop loss strategy; Strategy refinement;
After: Responsibility for loss, Syetem improvement
Features of strategy:
1、Multi-strategy: Trend trading、factor-based strategy、hedging and arbitrage
2、Pure α arbitrage: statistical arbitrage、spot-futures arbitrage、cross-exchange arbitrage

About Us

NewBloc is a global FinTech company driven by data and artificial intelligence, registered in BVI.
By implementing  data and artificial intelligence NewBloc explores the rules of financial time series data in the crypto market and drives trading decisions to maximize return with minmum risks in the long run.
New Bloc is also one of the top ten crypto hedge funds in Asia and also the largest market maker of many crypto exchanges.